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Cat – Spay & neuter

We provide expert cat spays and neuters.

Cat – Spay and Neuter

We frequently get asked when the best time is to spay or neuter a cat. Spaying or neutering by one year of age is commonly recommended by our veterinarians to avoid unplanned pregnancies and lower the risk of various health concerns. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, and our veterinarians will consult with you to determine the optimum time to spay or neuter your cat.

Surgery may be a sensitive issue for pet owners, especially when their companion is still a kitten. Spay and neuter operations, on the other hand, are a vital component of keeping cats healthy. Spay and neuter operations are among the most common procedures in veterinary medicine. They not only prevent unplanned births but also prevent or lower the risk of a variety of significant health and behavioral disorders.

Cat Services Pricing

Female Cat Spay                                              105

Male Cat Neuter                                              80

Pregnancy Fee addtl                                       20

Pain Medication                                               10
Recommended with every surgery

FeLV / FIV Test                                                 30

Elizabethan Collar (E-Collar)                         5
HARD PLASTIC: Prevents pet from licking surgery site

Microchip                                                          25

*Vaccines: *all vaccines must be current or administered at time of surgery. We do not offer wellness care vaccines

Rabies 1yr                                                         10

Rabies 3yr                                                         20
Available with proof of previous up-to-date 1yr vaccine

FVRCP (“Feline Distemper”)                           15

Nail Trim                                                            10

Nail Trim with Dremel                                      20
Dremel smooths nails down after trim

Anal Gland Expression                                     10

Spa Package                                                      15
Nail trim & anal gland expression combo

Fecal Exam                                                        15
We use a microscope to look for intestinal parasite eggs like round, hook, whip, and tapeworms

Cat Flea Prevention                                          15
1 month topical flea prevention

Bravecto                                                             50
Flea & Tick prevention 1 topical dose lasts 3 months!

Broad Deworming                                             15
2 oral doses, treats hookworms and roundworms

Tapeworm Deworming                                     15-20
Praziquantel injection varies by weight

Cardboard Carrier                                             10

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