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Feral Cats (Tnr Only)

Cabarrus Spay Neuter Clinic’s Trap Neuter Return program can assist you.

Feral Cats (Tnr Only)

Do you live in an area with a feral (wild) cat population? Do you put up with these cats’ wandering, yowling, spraying, and fighting? Are you concerned about their health and wondering if you or your children should be around them?

Cabarrus Spay Neuter Clinic’s Trap Neuter Return program can assist you.
Trapping and altering wild cats swiftly helps to stabilize the area’s cat population. It halts the reproductive cycle and establishes a healthy cat colony. It also gives vaccine protection against Rabies, a dangerous disease for both them and you. Cats that have been altered become nicer neighbors.

We request feral cats be brought in to us in a feral cat trap, one cat per trap. This is for the safety of our employees as well as the safety of the cat. 

Feral Cats Services Pricing

*These prices are in place to help with the control of truly feral cats that are to be Trapped, Neutered/Spayed, and Released (TNR). Ear tipping these cats is important so if they get caught again, it is clear that the cat has already been fixed and avoids unnecessary surgery. If you do not want ear tipping and are trying to make a feral cat a pet, please refer to Cat Services above.
*Additional services such as FVRCP vaccine, FeLV/FIV testing, deworming and flea prevention also available for feral cats at addtl cost
*A feral cat may be brought in Mon-Weds at 7am with no appointment needed. We no longer accept feral cats on Thursdays. No more than TWO feral cats can be brought in by a client per day.
*Each feral cat MUST arrive in a feral cat trap, one cat per trap (this is for their safety and for ours). Cat traps can be purchased online or borrowed from Cabarrus County Animal Control

FERAL Cat Spay                                                 85
Includes rabies vaccine and ear tipping*

Pregnancy Fee addtl                                          20

FERAL Cat Neuter                                              70
Includes rabies vaccine and ear tipping*

**We receive a high volume of phone calls every day Mon-Thurs. If you are unable to reach us, please leave a voicemail, or complete an online Request Appointment submission form. Please be patient with us; we will get everyone assisted. Thank you for supporting our Nonprofit Organization**