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Pet Speciality Surgery

We provide specialty surgeries at CSNC.

Specialty Surgeries at CSNC

*** Pre-Surgical Consult fee for Public $35*** Please call us at (704) 784-6304 to schedule

(Pricing is discussed at Consultation Exam, but we do offer affordable pricing on every surgery)

*** $50 down payment for the booking, which goes towards the cost of surgery***

***Prices are for surgery package, which may include pain med combo, antibiotics, e-collar, and recheck/suture removal as necessary for best outcome***

surgery room

Specialty Surgery List

-Entropion Repair (inverted eyelid)
-Cherry Eye Repair
-Ear Hematoma Repair (size dependent, includes otitis treatment)
-Ear Crop – (repair only, not cosmetic),    or sx add-on
-Polyp Removal – ear/behind the soft palate,    or sx add-on
-Mass Removal – dermal/SQ/mammary (size dependent, can be sent out for testing for cancer)
– 1 site;   2 sites;   3 sites; or  sx add-on
– sending out for Histopath testing is an additional cost
-Front Leg Amputation
-Rear Leg Amputation
-Toe Amputation – removal of just p3 digit,  or removal w. mass
-Tail Amputation (size dependent)
-Scrotal Ablation – with neuter sx add-on;   or post-neuter
-Hooded Vulva (size dependent)   

**We receive a high volume of phone calls every day Mon-Thurs. If you are unable to reach us, please leave a voicemail, or complete an online Request Appointment submission form. Please be patient with us; we will get everyone assisted. Thank you for supporting our Nonprofit Organization**