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Dog – Spay & Neuter

We provide expert dog spays and neuters.

Dog – Spay and neuter

There are several advantages to spaying or neutering your dog. The technique, which prohibits animals from reproducing, can help your dog live a longer, healthier life.

By spaying/neutering your pet, you are preventing them from potentially fatal infections, reproductive system problems, and various forms of cancer. Furthermore, spaying or neutering your pet will help manage the dog overpopulation problem, keeping more animals out of shelters.

This is a surgical operation that must be conducted with the pet under complete anesthesia. To guarantee your pet’s safety, we adhere to stringent guidelines and constantly monitor your pet’s vital signs.

Dog Services Pricing

Female Dog Spay                                        135

Female Dog Spay                                        155

Male Dog Neuter                                         115

Large Breed Dog Fee addtl                        20
Male or Female OVER 80 pounds

Pregnancy fee addtl                                    30

Heartworm Test                                          20
Heartworm Prevention available with negative test!

Pain Medication                                           10 – 15
Recommended with every surgery, cost varies with weight of pet

Elizabethan Collar (E-Collar)                     10
HARD PLASTIC: Prevents pet from licking surgery site

Zen Inflatable E-Collar                                20
X-SM or SM: Prevents pet from licking surgery site

Zen Inflatable E-Collar                                25
MED, LG, or X-LG: Prevents pet from licking surgery site

Microchip                                                       25

*Vaccines: *all vaccines must be current or administered at time of surgery. We do not offer wellness care vaccines

Rabies 1yr                                                      10

Rabies 3yr                                                      20
Available with proof of previous up-to-date 1yr vaccine

Distemper and Bordetella                            15

Nail Trim                                                         10

Nail Trim with Dremel                                   20
Dremel smooths nails down after trim

Anal Gland Expression                                  10

Spa Package                                                   15
Nail trim & anal gland expression combo

Fecal Exam                                                      15
We use a microscope to look for intestinal parasite eggs like round, hook, whip, and tapeworms

Dog Flea Prevention                                       15
1 month topical flea prevention

Bravecto                                                           50
Flea & Tick prevention 1 chewable dose lasts 3 months!

Heartworm Prevention                                   35
Under 25 lbs six month supply
(can buy up to 1 year supply with negative HW test)

Heartworm Prevention                                   45
26 – 50 lbs six month supply
(can buy up to 1 year supply with negative HW test)

Heartworm Prevention                                   55
51 – 100 lbs six month supply
(can buy up to 1 year supply with negative HW test)

Broad Deworming                                           15
2 oral doses, treats hookworms and roundworms

Tapeworm Deworming                                   15-20
Praziquantel injection varies by weight

Additional Fees / Services / Items

Cryptorchid Fee                                             50 – 70
Testicle(s) undescended into scrotal sac
Price varies on location of the undescended testicle

Umbilical Hernia Repair                                35

Rear Dewclaw Removal                                35
Hind feet only, must not be attached via bone or ligament in order to remove

Added Surgical Time                                     20
Per doctor’s discretion as needed depending on complicating factors in surgery, may be applied to cryptorchid, pregnancy, tissue abnormalities, overweight animals, etc. We may not know in advance additional surgery time is needed until in surgery.

Dog Pregnancy Fee addtl                               30

Cat Pregnancy Fee addtl                                20

Capstar                                                             5
24 hr oral dose of rapid flea elimination – required and charged if excessive fleas are found on pet, to help prevent flea complications once in surgery

Antibiotics                                                        20
Per doctor’s discretion, sometimes recommended if skin infection is active or surgery site needs protecting

Additional Pain Medication                            5 – 10
Per doctor’s discretion

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